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around the duck pond
26 December 2016 @ 01:10 am
Note: Last fic was a tad on the unpleasant side (Polly & Mal & zombie apocalypse). Received requests for some fluff. Attempted some (holiday-themed!) fluff for our OTP. Achieved, well, the following...

Title: A Bright and Peaceful Night

Summary: Stranded away from home during Hogswatch, Polly has all but resigned herself to being miserable when she runs into an old friend. The chatty, caffeinated, déshabillé sort of old friend. They talk. Complicated fluff with tragedy in the background. And gingerbread. And fireworks. Happy holidays!

Standalone, but follows up on the events in Schrödinger's Vampire (not required reading).

Length: 10.000-ish words

Story: A Bright and Peaceful Night (link to fanfiction.net, contains further notes and warnings)
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