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Monstrous Regiment fans

War! Shaving! Intrigue! Coffee!

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A community for the fans of Monstrous Regiment in particular and Discworld in general.

Discuss, share fic or art, post about anything and everything that might be of interest to the fans of the book. Other Discworld posts are allowed, but let's make some effort to stick to the subject. Community ads are okay if they are Discworld related, if not, those posts will be deleted.

Also, be nice. Criticism and disagreement is fine, when constructive also encouraged, unless for fic or art where the author/artist specifies otherwise. However, no insults, please. You do know the difference.

This is supposed to be a general community for all fans of Monstrous Regiment, but as these things turn out, femslash runs rampant.

Note to visitors: Here be SPOILERS all over, so browse at your own peril.

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Associated communities: fanfictarot, genretwisting, bodice_laces.

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